Europe's Dedicated Chinese Hot Tub & Spa Part Specialist

Welcome to Chinese Spa Parts. We supply everything for your Chinese Hot Tub with competitively priced spa filters, touch panels, spa covers, and a great selection of hot tub jets.

We are the largest importer of Chinese Hot Tub spare parts in England and are one of the most followed compaines on social media amongst the Hot Tub industry.


With so many Chinese hot tub products in Stock and more being added every week, you will be able to find those elusive Spare Parts for your Chinese Hot Tub that your are looking for.


From Spa Pumps, Heaters, Control Boxes, Blowers, and Jets to Filters and Plumbing... and much, much more!
Chinese Spa Parts have account status with all the major Chinese brands such as Rising Dragon, LVJ, LX, S&G, JnJ, HLW.


Our product range is designed to overcome most obstacles so we can often suggest an alternative if the part you need to source is proving difficult to obtain or has been discontinued.