S&G SG-0007C Touch Control Panel
S&G SG-0007C Touch Control Panel
Price: 224,40 € ex. VAT
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Product Code: SG-0007C

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Type of Product: Topside control, touch panel or touch pad
Manufacturer: S&G
Power: Volts: 12
Compatible With: S&G SG-0007C Control Box
Button Configuration:

Top: Circulation Cycle 1, Ozone, Pump 1, Temperature

Middle: Circulation Cycle 2, Circulation Cycle 3, Light, Pump 2, Tuner / Volume, FM/TV/DVD

Bottom: Automatic Mode, Manual Mode, Air Blower, On/Off, Pump 3, Up, Down

Connections: Din-Type Plug Conntection
Additional Notes: Overlay Included
Dimensions: Length: 213 mm
Height: 91 mm
Commonly Used With: Many Chinese Spas

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