LX TDA100 with Air Switch (optional)
LX TDA100 with Air Switch (optional)
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Product Code: TD100

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Type of Product: Circulation pump/filter pump
Manufacturer: LX
Common Power Reference: 1 HP
Power: Volts: 230
Hz: 50
Motor HP Low / High: 1
Wet End Impellor HP:
Amps Low / High Speed: 3.8
RPM Low / High: 2900
Capacitor: 15 uf
Plumbing Connections: 1.5 inch
Electrical Connections: Comes with plain cable attached
Dimensions: Length: 350 mm
Height: 190 mm
Depth: 140 mm
Commonly Used With : Chinese Spas amongst others
Ideal replacement for: Rocoi LDPB-140B
Additional Notes:

We have also sold a fair few of these to people with Whirlpool Baths that use an air switch facility. If you also purchase a TBS106A air switch you can install this, interrupting the incoming live wire through the air switch.

This pump is the same as the DXD pump and EA350 pump also found on the market, check watts or amp draw to be certain or call us.